3rd to 6th grade students take part in the "Junior Cofidis Tour"

Activity sponsored by the "Fundación Deporte Joven"

Students from 3rd to 6th year of Primary School have participated in the "Junior Cofidis Vuelta" sponsored by "Fundación Deporte Joven", Cofidis, Unipublic and "Asociación de Ciclistas Profesionales". They attended a two hour workshop in relation to the world of Cycling. They performed the theoretical part where the aim of the workshop was to teach basic concepts of road safety (adapted to the ages). They also explained the anecdotes and peculiarities of the cycling world. They performed a practice with bicycles, where Students showed their skills through activities designed by the school playground.

Among all the students who participated in the activity, a selection will be made to participate in a second part of this program. This 2nd part of the program consists of a participation in the course of the last 2-3km, for which shortly afterwards professional cyclists will pass, which disputes the end of the Vuelta Ciclista de España stage with arrival in Igualada next August 30

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