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We work to pursue the projects initiated in the preschool stage so that, by acquiring new skills and knowledge, 
our students continue to develop both academically and as people.

Taking on challenges

Taking on challenges

Primary education is the foundation on which the rest of the educational edifice is built. It is during these formative years that children acquire the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic that will enable them to function in the world. However, beyond simply imparting academic knowledge, primary education is fundamental to instilling values that will shape the character and ethics of individuals.

Educatin in values from an early age is essential to cultivate responsible, respectful and caring citizens. Children who receive an education based on values such as honesty, tolerance, empathy and fairness are better equipped to face the ethical and moral challenges that arise in everyday life.

In addition, primary education is a crucial period for fostering respect for diversity, both cultural and in thought. By teaching children to value and celebrate differences, it promotes the construction of more inclusive and cohesive societies.

In sHort, primary education not only provides the necessary academic foundations, but also lays the groundwork for the development of well-rounded and ethically responsible individuals. Educating in values during these formative years is key to cultivating a more just, caring and respectful society.

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