Baccalaureate Training Days

On November 15 began the Training Days for baccalaureates, which were intense and fruitful.

On November 15 began the Training Days for  baccalaureates, which were intense and fruitful. They had as main themes the future, being based on the projects and careers that can be carried out, the implication in the solidarity projects and the formation in values ​​of the students.

Within the professional formation they have had conferences in charge of faculty of the UPC, and of personnel of the University of Pamplona, ​​who have given them their vision of the university world. Also at the round table with Alumni (alumni) who explained their experiences focusing on the university and personal environment, the students were able to acquire a knowledge of the university world and the importance of the values ​​acquired at the school.

Regarding the solidary axis, they have had a session on the charity house of Arrabal, which proposes the selfless and solidary collaboration of boys and girls students, also information about the work of Càritas, as well as workshops of solidarity proposals that can be born in the school . Within this line have had the presentation of the theme of the Tv3 Marathon this year.

From the formative side, leadership was based on the 7 habits of the highly effective adolescents of S. Covey, to achieve personal efficacy and to achieve their own motivation, to have criteria in decisions, and to improve as mature and intradependent people. Let's talk about professors and external experts in the two baccalaureate courses.


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