Colors and flavors of the market!

Unit of inquiry of P3, P4 and P5.

In Montclar Mestral we like to eat well to grow strong and healthy. At lunchtime we eat fruit and vegetables.

Little by little, parents also take advantage of these good habits to prepare a good lunch of sandwiches and various fruits.

When we snack at school we offer a variety of sweet, salty flavors and all this complemented with the essential food to help our growth: Milk.

That is why during this month of February and March we have entered into the fantastic world of colors and flavors of the market.

This unit of inquiry we have begun to work from what we already know sharing it with our colleagues thanks to the routines of thought, a tool very familiar to us that helps us to think, share knowledge and enjoy much more of everything new that we are discovering.

Once exposed the initial ideas, we have set up different types of stops and we have made ourselves the sold products with recyclable materials: P3 has worked the fruit shop and vegetable shop, P4 the fish shop and bakery shop and P5 the delicatessen and the butcher shop.

This market has gone very well to learn to go shopping, to make use of the coins made by the class of P5 and to work with many values ​​of coexistence such as respecting the shift, valuing food, taking care of the play material made by the others, ...

After a great variety of activities we conclude the project making an excursion to the Municipal Market of Masuca of Igualada. With the help of some "masoveres" we could knew very well everything that is made and sold in the market. We also bought food to make the next day a fruit skewer, some very healthy pizzas and some very good burgers that we all ate together.

Global competence