"How to keep order when we have children at home"

Talk by Vanesa Travieso

"How to keep order when we have children at home, benefits of living in order"

DAY: Friday, March 8

TIME: 5:30 p.m.

PLACE: Gym Montclar Building

Talk by Vanesa Travieso of Pon Orden (www.ponorden.com) Vanesa is a Professional Organizer formed with Marie Kondo (www.konmari.com) in her method, Coach of Organization and Manager in the organization of housing reforms .

Marie Kondo is a Japanese writer who has written four books about the art of organizing and has sold nearly four million copies in thirty-three countries in her book, "The Magic of Order."

According to the Vanesa Travieso it is always a good time to change certain routines, acquire them or talk about order. This talk not only talks about routines but how we can organize and organize our home by educating children to live better.

If we teach children to be more organized and organized, we are giving them tools that are very useful for their future: Greater capacity for concentration, greater ability to solve unforeseen circumstances, practicality, self-confidence, teach them to optimize and take advantage plus his time and effort, we live with less anxiety and finally, we teach them to be more generous and think about each other to donate and not accumulate ...

Aspect that will be commented in the session:

- Less is more

- To give is better than to accumulate

- Responsibility with our things and the environment

- We do not need all the things that we accumulate

- Respect for our home

- Learn to say yes or no, to discard consciously to be happier.

- Finally, routines and habits are essential for keeping order at home but it is in our hands to convey this to our children.

This activity is open to everyone and it is free.

There will be free childcare service (for children from P0 to P5)

For a better organization, we ask that you confirm your attendance at: [email protected], by calling the school: 93.802.98.77 or INSCRIPCIONS ONLINE

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