In Infantile and Primary, we celebrate the Castañada

In the autumn, a popular tradition, the Castañada, is celebrated in our school.

Participates Nursery, Children's Ed and Primary Ed. We have dedicated the days before to learn songs, recite poems, sayings, riddles and tongue twisters ... We have done workshops with autumn materials, exhibitions, paintings and compositions. And even, the youngest of the school, in the Nursery and in the Kindergarten, have prepared some very good panellets! The 5th graders have made all the ballots so that the castañeras have them ready.

The day of "La Castañada" the 6th grade students have prepared some activities to celebrate this party at school. In the morning, dressed as castañeras, they visited the little children of the nursery and explained the tradition, they sang and danced. In the afternoon it is the turn of the Nursery and Primary School. As every year we have come to see the chestnut girl Sofia. He has crossed the entire forest to get to school. He has explained the story of a chestnut tree friend of hers. And this year he has not brought Marrameu. He says he has stayed in the heat of the fire in a ball. The 6th castañeras have accompanied the Castañera Sofia, they have brought us a ballot with chestnuts for each of all the boys and girls and we have eaten them together.

It has been a great party!

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