Institution collaborates with the UIC in the I International Workshop on Family Support

The UIC Barcelona Campus will host 50 speakers from 13 to 15 May to talk about family and family support

More than 500 participants from 50 countries around the world will be at the UIC Barcelona from 13 to 15 May to talk about family and family support in what will be the first international Workshop on Family Support.

In the context of the Amoris laetitia Family Year proclaimed by Pope Francis, the Institute of Higher Family Studies (IESF) has organized this workshop, in order to help in the formation of people who are already engaged or they want to dedicate themselves to the task of family support.

The CEO of the Family Institution of Education, Teresa Martínez, and the member of the executive committee, Marta Alarcón, will participate in one of the sessions of the program, where they will provide action-oriented reflections in the different areas of support. familiar with other experts.

In the words of Montserrat Gas, director of IESF, “we wanted to give the congress a very practical character. That is why it is a ‘workshop’, not a ‘congress’. With these days we seek to understand the current difficulties that the family is facing, and thus give a new approach to how to help them ”. In this sense, Gas says that the main goal is "that participants can be trained, that they can learn and acquire new ideas on how to accompany families, creating a network of contact between professionals working in this field."

Speakers at the conference include experts from the worlds of medicine, education, communication and the church world: among them, the Milanese neuropsychiatrist and disseminator Mariolina Ceriotti Migliarese, author of best-selling books such as Erotica and maternal , Male. Strength, eros, tenderness or The imperfect family; Juan José Pérez Soba, Professor of Fundamental Morality at the Joan Pau II Institute; the Viennese psychiatrist Raphael Bonelli, etc. All sessions can be streamed.

This workshop will be developed in four different areas of action: that of professionals, that of "pastoral care" - understanding it as personal initiatives beyond the parishes -, that of education and, finally, in the field of new technologies.

In addition, the program provides that workshop participants and relatives can participate in the celebration of Holy Mass, on Saturday afternoon, in the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

Complete workshop program.

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