Institució Igualada participates in the "Cafè Debat" organized by La Veu de l'Anoia

El professor de primària, en Jofre Domènech, participa al Cafè Debat del diari La Veu de l'AnoiaThe elementary teacher, Jofre Domènech, participates in the Café Debate of the newspaper La Veu de l'Anoia

Last November the teacher and tutor of Primary, in Jofre Domènech participated in the "Café Debate" organized by the local newspaper La Voz de la Anoia and that was entitled: "Primary education in the Anoia". Núria Ramón, director of the Gabriel Castellano School (Igualada), also participated in this debate.

"Education is one of the topics on which there is more public debate lately, not only from a political point of view but also because of the social and technological changes that are being experienced and how they affect this at the time of teaching." With this introduction began the moderator, Marc Vergés, the debate that flowed with naturalness and respect on the part of the two participants.


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