New stage, new challenges and renewed illusions

The beginning of any course is an appropriate time to consider new challenges and have the illusion of being able to face them and take them forward.

This will be a very special course for the Institució Igualada, a year where we will implement organizational changes and where we will continue to strive, as always, for what makes us a unique educational center: our way of understanding education and personalized support to each student and each family.

The atmosphere that is breathed between our teaching team is unbeatable, all already prepared to enter the classrooms and get the best of each student. Let us start this 2018-19 course with the optimism and the illusion that this wonderful task of educating deserves.

We have a quality educational project and, if we also add an attitude of service, effort and the involvement of teachers and families, we are convinced that we will be able to face any challenge and grow together the Institució Igualada.

Welcome to the new course!

Juan Jordana

Institució Igualada

Ethical leadership