One more year, we celebrate the Sports Party

Every two years, it is already a tradition, in Montclar we celebrate the Sports Party.

A tradition is a custom that has prevailed from generation to generation, and in Montclar Mestral, our school, we have very diverses. Every two years we celebrate the Sports Party and, on this day of the sport, all the school courses show parents and spectators a dance or work that can expose several aspects of physical activity.

After weeks of rehearsal the big day arrived. Last Friday, April 20, all the participants gathered at the school track. With the students of 1st Bachillerato as organizers and speakers, a general parade as a welcome followed by some small but daring pirates, the act began. A whole series of dances and exhibitions brought the party to its peak. To finish, the students of 4th ESO closed the event with the dance they will perform together with the theater that will soon represent the School Theater Show in the Ateneu Igualadí on May 30.

This party was a very entertaining event for everyone, both parents and students. With a very good musical and sporting atmosphere, everyone was encouraged and participated in the celebration. From the smallest to the largest there was loud applause of excitement and excitement.


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