Preschool. "Aula Oberta"

For a while, get to knows how it is a class with the avant-garde Aude project.

21 de Febr 2019 de 15:15 h a 16:15 h
How to get

How is a class with the avant-garde Aude project?

During the months of January and February the nursery and kindergarten teachers want to teach all the parents that they are interested in what a nursery and kindergarten class is like with the avant-garde Aude project.

Preschool Program:

- January 25 and February 21 (from 15:15 to 16:15)

"Learn to learn by travelling through the world of thought"

Educating people prepared for change is to help students learn autonomously. Thinking and cooperation are two necessary competences for the future. Learning to think generates people with criteria, capable of developing talent, of facing new challenges, of taking on new risks and of managing failure thanks to creativity.

The school has to be the place where the student grows in autonomy and is the center of their own learning, where they learn to think, to be creative, to work efficiently and to cooperate with others.

Come and experience it!