Project "Sona Escola"

In this project students of 5th and 6th grade of Primary School participate

The 5th and 6th graders enjoy every Wednesday an instrument class taught by the wood wind teacher at the Municipal Conservatory of Music of Igualada. To do this, we divide the class into two so that the group is smaller and the teacher's attention can be more individualized. Each student can choose between three instruments: clarinet, alto saxophone and flute. The school has taken charge of having all the instruments available to the students and the students only have to buy the canes (in the instruments that need it) for hygiene issues.

This activity has great benefits for students. There are numerous studies that show that playing an instrument improves the abilities of language, memory, behavior or spatial intelligence. To make matters worse, playing an instrument improves the mood of children and their relationship with others. It also improves coordination, discipline and responsibility, since they must deal with the maintenance and care of the instrument. All this without forgetting the pleasure of playing an instrument and being able to make music together.

Without a doubt it is an activity with a huge number of benefits, many of them can already be seen in the students just a few weeks after starting the activity.

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