The children's students of the Institució Igualada begin the course!

Within our new and innovative pedagogy and with a great team, we have encouraged the boys and girls by presenting a new unit of inquiry

Within our new and innovative pedagogy and with a great team, we have encouraged the children to present a new unit of inquiry, within which different methodological aspects will be worked on.

We started with great enthusiasm a great adventure that will take place during the first quarter and taking advantage of one of the most characteristic spaces of our center, "the Atelier".

We enter the life and works of Antoni Gaudí. We started by preparing a very special mural, where the children have worked beautifully. The objective of our work is that children learn to express themselves through their artistic creations. Gaudí is very present in a big city as close as Barcelona is and the little ones have the opportunity to experience architecture in a very creative way.

With this unit of inquiry, students learn that Gaudí was an architect who, among other characteristics, filled the city with colors and revolutionized the technique of mosaics with its characteristic brittleness. With a dedication and an admirable laboriousness, his works are appreciated and known all over the world.

Being able to contrast, investigate and describe their wonderful creations, always from the Vess methodology, will make the children able to draw their own conclusions, transfer the learning to their immediate surroundings, share experiences with their classmates and enjoy a meaningful learning.

Finally, it is also about instilling in students values ​​that are identified with the works and life of Gaudí: love for hard work, perseverance, effort and desire to do great things.

Global competence