The coexistence days of 3rd of ESO

This March, 3rd year students of ESO enjoyed ludicultural and educational coexistence.

This March, pupils from 3rd year of ESO A lived together in Can Mas, in Torrelles de Llobregat. This activity was designed to offer students a series of training activities aimed at guiding them in their future academic decisions. Another objective of this departure was to promote the values ​​of group cohesion, companionship and trust.

In this sense, the activities they carried out were aimed at these goals, but mainly to spend three days together and have the opportunity to enjoy and have fun.

They visited the Caixa Forum, where the girls held a workshop called CaixaLab Experience and an Architecture workshop activity at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion. During the three days that the coexistence lasted, they went on an excursion and visited Catalonia in Miniature, where they performed an Adventure circuit. On Thursday, after breakfast they left the colony house and went to Sitges, where they did a gymkhana in teams around the houses of the Indians, to finish in the church square. The students were able to finish the coexistences dinando folded to the beach returning later to the school in usual schedule.

On the other hand, the students of 3rd ESO B performed a series of leisure-cultural and educational coexistence, in a school environment.

On Wednesday 6th they went to Montjuïc Castle, to do a cultural gymkhana with monitors. The groups went through the castle in search of historic clues that allowed them to solve the challenges and overcome the tests. At the time of lunch they went to the Maremagnum space. On Thursday 7th they went to La Tossa, walking from school. They ate there up and in the afternoon they did sporting leisure activities at school. On Friday the 8th they went to The Gods where they made three circuits with tirolines and a race of orientation by the river and the rest of the facilities.

Together with these recreational, cultural and sports activities, there were also some training sessions.

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