Virtual agendas of the Institució Igualada

We are pleased to inform you that you already have at your disposal the virtual agendas of the Institució Igualada

These virtual agendas do not replace the personal agendas of each student, they are a more communication tool between the family and the school. However, they are an instrument that will allow you and your children, if appropriate, to look up the jobs that teachers are assigning.

To access the agendas you will need to:

- Access to the school's WEB:

- Access the SERVICES section

- Access the TAC-TIC section

Each elementary and high school course has its own linked virtual agenda so that you can have access, as parents, only to the agenda that interests you.

Taking advantage of this communication, we inform you that, within the same TAC - TIC, you will also find a collection of photographs by courses (section Photo Gallery) and the school language immersion project (in_English section).

Below we give you the direct link to TAC - TIC:

Global competence