P4 and P5. First day pool. Course 2018-19

Next Wednesday, October 3

03 de Oct 2018 de 10:00h a 12:00h
How to get

As in other years, this course we will use the Swimming Pool of Las Comas to do the swimming courses, organized by the Municipal Sports Board of Igualada that puts its monitors at the disposal of the centers that register.

The students who will attend this activity are those of P4 and P5 of Early Childhood Education.

The course will begin next Wednesday, October 3 and will end the month of May and will be weekly.

Students must bring:

- Swimsuit (girls and swimmer type, children).

- Towel.

- Swimming cap.

- Rubber shoes (hard sole and open behind).

- Wool hat (to leave the pool when the weather advises).

We would appreciate it if you brought the swimsuit from home and put your underwear in the bag.

This year, as it was done last year, the Municipal Sports Board, will dedicate a few days (which are still to be completed) to Open Doors, in which, the parents you want, you can see your children doing the pool activity from the stands.

The other days, the stands will be closed.

If your child can not attend the pool one day, we would appreciate it if you would contact us with a small note. We ask you, but, to resort only to this extreme in really justified situations.

Finally, if your child could not do this activity for reasons of any kind (otitis, chronic bronchitis, etc) we would appreciate if you let us know before starting the activity.