Reading Club of the Institució Igualada

Gathering-debate on the book: "Noticia de un secuestro" by Gabriel García Márquez

16 de Oct 2018 de 20:30 h a 22:00 h
Col·legi Mestral, A-2, Igualada, Espanya
How to get

The next meeting of the Club will be on Tuesday, October 16 at 8:30 p.m. in the Library of the Mestral building.

The next work to comment is the one entitled "Noticia de un secuestro", by the prestigious and famous Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez. A work between journalism (genre in which the Colombian author began) and fiction.

In each of these meetings, we talk about the book that we delivered in the previous club and, at the end, we give the following work. The books we read in the Club are provided by the Central Library of Igualada, which collaborates with us.

Attendance at the sessions is not obligatory, nor is punctuality required, and, of course, anyone who wants to join us can be invited.

If you want to order the book for the next reading club or simply receive the emails that we send to be informed, you can contact Pedro J. Fernández through the email address [email protected]