Sports extracurricular activities. Course 2018-19

Extracurricular sports activities organized by the AMPA of the institució Igualada

From the AMPAof the Igualada Institution, we support school sports as an important vehicle to develop individual and collective values. Making people grow, humanly and sportingly, is one of the biggest challenges that parents have.

Information activities

Duration: October 2018 to May 2019. Training: Working days, at noon, to the School. Matches: Saturday mornings.

Inscriptions: of 19 of seven. on Oct. 1 of 2018.


1st and 2nd grade of primary school:

- Sports Initiation: There are meetings with a periodicity of one stroke per month.

- Rhythm and gymnastic sports

3rd and 4th primary:

- Sports center: Matches on Saturday mornings

- Rhythm and gymnastic sports.

5th and 6th grade:

- Sports center: Matches on Saturday mornings

- Rhythm and gymnastic sports.


- Futsal: Matches on Saturday mornings.

- Basketball: Matches on Saturday mornings


Periodicity Workouts:

- Sports Initiation: 1 day a week.

- Primary sports centers:

A (female) teams 2 days a week

Team B (Male) 1 day a week.

- Futsal: 1 day a week.

- Basketball: 2 days a week.

- Primary gymnastics sports: 1 day per week

- FITDANCE: 1 or 2 days per week.

Data start workouts:

The start date of the training will be on October 8 and training schedules will be sent to families on October 4.

Family sports events:

Popular Race, Bicycle Festival and Cros.

Price of activities according to training days:

Activities 1 day a week, € 99 course.

Activities 2 days a week, € 180 course.

Activities 3 days a week, 270 € course.

Way to pay:

- In cash delivering € 99, ​​€ 180 or € 270 to the school secretary at the time of registration,

- In three receipts of € 33, € 60 or € 90, on October 20, 2018, January 20 and April 20, 2019.

Coordinate the activity:

Javier Cañete and Ramon Bujaldon

Organize the activity:

AMPA Montclar Mestral.

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