Parent Training


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These courses are designed to turn everyday family situations into wonderful learning opportunities, which is one of the aims of early education.  

Courses offered

Courses offered

Each school organizes these courses in a way that is the most practical for the families:

  • The family path
  • The first steps
  • The first conversations
  • The first letters
  • The first decisions
  • Preadolescent children
  • Adolescent children
  • Marital love

Family Guidance Courses

Family Guidance Courses

To support you and help you with your children's education, the school organizes Family Guidance Courses, in collaboration with the FERT Association - which is part of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD).

This programme offers a climate of friendship to the couples who take part and offers them a medium for evaluating the current status of their family life, improving as people, and as parents. 


The courses are highly participative and are given to small groups of couples who meet to discuss real issues. To set criteria and draw conclusions, general sessions are then held every two weeks where experts on each issue moderate the discussion.