Addressing Diversity

Each child is unique and from school we also make every effort to customize their education and adapt us to their rhythm of learning. 

Teams for addressing diversity

Currently, Institució Igualada has a Cabinet for addressing diversity (educational psychology) which diagnose possible problems of learning. Once targeted the problem of students, this is some educational programmes which the Centre has integrated more tracked individualized with the aim of reinforcing the aspects that have been detected as improved.

In addition, all students, teachers and families have other services, such as the Department of Family Guidance (in close cooperation with various associations of Barcelona, such as action, the FERT, etc.), and Medical Department, etc. 

Much more

One of the challenges that schools and teachers are currently facing is the need to address diversity in the classroom and the different capabilities and interests of the students. There has been a steady increase in students with learning disorders in recent years, partly due to the closure of special education units but also because processes for diagnosing these disorders have improved.

At Institució Igualada, we believe that we must do much more than simply live with diversity. We have to take a step further and actually understand this diversity and offer different educational responses in order to get the most out of each student. Addressing diversity in the classroom is therefore an essential feature at all the Institució Familiar d'Educació schools.

Students with high intellectual capacities

Students with high  intellectual capcities have some appropriate activites: language levels, awards and research, possibility of after-school activities, etc.

Also, we colaborate with some entities for gifted students specialized in child and adolescent.

In addition, we have the activity of chess, even as school sports activity and also as an everyday option, as a way of promoting the development of these competences of intellectual character.