Cambridge exams

38 Candidates from Montclar-Mestral awarded Certificates

During May and June of this year, candidates from Montclar-Mestral took externalexams of the University of Cambridge.

These examinations allow students toprogress from the Young Learners exams right up to the First Certificate (B2),required for university entry, and beyond, to Advanced and Proficiency levels. Allawards are recognised internationally and form part of the Common EuropeanFramework.

Pupils from 5è and 6è sat the Movers and Flyers tests respectively. These include arange of skills tests which are common to the whole range of Cambridge exams,from the Young Learners right up to Proficiency: Reading, Writing, Listening andSpeaking. Students from ESO and Batxillerat took the Key English Test, thePreliminary English Test and the First Certificate in English.

We will be receiving a visit very soon from Tom Wogan, of Cambridge Barcelona,who will be giving a talk on Cambridge exams and the importance of English in theworld today, as well as awarding the certificates, of course!

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