We celebrate English Day in Primary!

Last week

Last week all the students of Primary celebrated a very special day: The English Day!

Throughout the day, each course worked on different English-speaking countries:

  • 1st Epri: Ireland
  • 2nd Epri: Canada
  • 3rd Epri: England
  • 4th Epri: Australia and New Zealand
  • 5th Epri: India
  • 6th Epri: United States

They did workshops and activities to learn a lot about each of these countries.

Some courses were visited by parents from the school who are native from some of these countries, such as Dustin Firestone, Michelle Hall and Mr. Webb. All three shared curiosities of their countries of origin, as well as their professions.


Celebrem el English Day a la Primària!

La setmana passada tots els alumnes de la Primària van celebrar una jornada molt especial: El English Day!

Durant tot el dia, cada curs va treballar sobre diferents països de parla anglesa:

  • 1r Epri: Ireland
  • 2n Epri: Canada
  • 3r Epri: England
  • 4t Epri: Australia and New Zealand
  • 5è Epri: India
  • 6è Epri: United States

Van fer tallers i activitats per aprendre molt sobre cadascuns d'aquests països.

Alguns cursos van rebre la visita de pares de l'escola que són nadius d'alguns d'aquests països, com el Dustin Firestones, la Michelle Hall i el Mr. Webb. Tots tres van compartir curiositats dels seus països d'origen, així com de les seves professions.

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